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Sylvania has the resources it takes to make your business succeed. From small start-ups to larger businesses and corporations, we’re here to help you make Sylvania your business home. We also understand the vital importance of securing your investment. A safe, caring environment and dependable emergency services mean your family and your business are well-protected.

Loan Program

SACIC offers low interest rate loans on a 5-year term to help companies locate, expand or remain within the boundaries of the Sylvania School District. View more information by clicking the link below.

  • Financing Programs & Bank Networking
  • Zoning & Planning Services
  • Adaptive Reuse & Redevelopment Help
  • Building, Relocation & Expansion Guidance
  • Tax Incentive
  • Business Startup Support
  • Utility Services & Extensions


“Working with Sylvania Township has been a pleasure. They opened the doors we needed to get our project completed in a fast and efficient way.”

– ANDY GOLDING, VP of Marketing & Sales | Kripke Enterprises